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Cleaning and Corrosion Control

This course is designed to partially fulfill the curriculum requirements as set out in Appendix B Part 147 General Curriculum Subjects for Aviation Maintenance Technician Schools established by the Federal Aviation Administration Regulations.

This course will introduce you to what corrosion is and how it occurs in aircraft. You will learn the two main types of corrosion, the various forms it commonly takes, and the areas of aircraft that are particularly susceptible. For each metal used in aircraft structures, you will learn about removal of, and treatment for, corrosion. Since regular and comprehensive cleaning is critical to controlling corrosion, the methods and tools of interior and exterior aircraft cleaning are explored.

Recommended Prerequisites

Basic Reading Comprehension, Basic Computer Skills, Basic Internet Browsing Skills

What You’ll Learn

Course Module Listing


Course Pre-Test

Course Introduction

Module 1: Types and Forms of Corrosion

Module Introduction

Lesson 1: The Types of Corrosion

Lesson 2: The Forms of Corrosion

Module Summary

Module Assessment

Module 2: Inspection and Removal of Metal Corrosion

Module Introduction

Lesson 1: Corrosion Prone Areas and Paint Removal

Lesson 2: Corrosion and Treatment of Metals

Module Summary

Module Assessment

Module 3: Processes and Materials Used in Corrosion Control

Module Introduction

Lesson 1: Chemical Treatments

Lesson 2: Surface Preparation

Lesson 3: Finishing

Lesson 4: Aircraft Cleaning

Lesson 5: Cleaners

Lesson 6: Risk Management

Module Summary

Module Assessment

End-of-Course Test and Survey

Course Assessment

Course Survey