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    A resource for technical colleges,
    and their students.
Video Lectures

Video Lectures

Lectures are presented through engaging video for visual and auditory learners, complete with illustrations, images and voiceover.
Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality simulations on EducateWorkforce serve as online labs, where learners can go beyond the lecture to actually engage with the material.
Open Text

Open Text

Robust open textbooks are provided for all EducateWorkforce courses. This traditional learning tool is a perfect compliment to the other forms of online content.

Interactive Assessments

Reinforcement of learning materials through immediate feedback as well as an instructor-led grading system are both available.
Approach to Learning

A Novel Approach

EducateWorkforce was designed by multiple instructional design, usability, and computing experts to include research-tested learning features.
Industry Backed

Industry Backed

Curriculum has been vetted by industry partners as both accurate and pertinent to today's advanced manufacturing occupations.
By the Numbers
covering a diverse range of subject matter.
total modules
including video, assessments and other rich content.
VR simulations
which create an interactive, online lab environment.