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This course is designed to partially fulfill the curriculum requirements set out in Appendix B Part 147 General Curriculum Subjects for Aviation Maintenance Technician Schools established by the Federal Aviation Regulations. Our online program in conjunction with in-person instruction, is intended to help prepare students for the General Knowledge Test and make the curriculum more accessible to students without a nearby aviation school.

This course will assist students in reviewing basic mathematics concepts such as whole numbers, ratios, and percentages which maintenance technician routinely use in their work. Students will also revise their understanding of algebra, geometry and trigonometry the basics of which technicians need to properly maintain an aircraft.

Recommended Prerequisites

Basic Reading Comprehension, Basic Computer Skills, Basic Internet Browsing Skills

What You’ll Learn

Course Module Listing


Pre-Course Survey

Course Introduction

Basic Math

Module Introduction

Whole Numbers

Fractions and Mixed Numbers

The Decimal Number System

Ratios and Proportions


Positive Numbers, Negative Numbers and Powers

Functions of Numbers Chart and Scientific Notation

Module Summary

Module Assessment

Advanced Math

Module Introduction


Computing Area of Two-Dimensional Solids

Computing Volume of Three-Dimensional Solids

Computing Surface Area of Three-Dimensional Solids

Trigonometric Functions

Measurement Systems and the Binary Number System

Module Summary

Module Assessment