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Fluid Lines and Fittings

This course is designed to partially fulfill the curriculum requirements as set out in Appendix B Part 147 General Curriculum Subjects for Aviation Maintenance Technician Schools established by the Federal Aviation Administration Regulations.

This course will help the learner to identify the common materials, applications, preparation, installation and repair of rigid and flexible fluid lines used in the various pressurized fluid systems in an airplane. Fluid lines made from metal tubing are known as rigid fluid lines and are used in stationary locations including fuel, oil, hydraulic, coolant, oxygen, and instrument lines. Fluid lines made from flexible hose are known as flexible fluid lines and are used in locations with moving parts or areas subject to considerable vibration. Learners will learn the proper material and fitting selection as well as preparation methods for fabrication and repair of rigid fluid lines. Learners will also gain an understanding of the various aspects of rigid and flexible hose assembly installation. This knowledge is necessary for the technician’s ability to properly inspect, maintain, and repair of an airplane’s various fluid lines to ensure reliable operation of the various fluid systems during flight.

Estimated Time

2 Hours 58 Minutes

Recommended Prerequisites

Basic Reading Comprehension, Basic Computer Skills, Basic Internet Browsing Skills

What You’ll Learn

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Pre-Course Survey

Course Introduction

Rigid Fluid Lines

Module Introduction

Introducing Rigid Fluid Lines

Rigid Fluid Lines Materials

Fabricating Rigid Fluid Lines

Rigid Fluid Line Identification, Fittings, Installation, Inspection, and Repair

Module Summary

Module Assessment

Flexible Hose Fluid Lines

Module Introduction

Flexible Hose Fluid Line Materials, Construction, and Inspection

Flexible Hose Installation

Module Summary

Module Assessment