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Foundational Manufacturing

A baccalaureate-level understanding of manufacturing as an engineering discipline is suitable as an entry-level course. An introduction of manufacturing terminology, metrics, material transformation, plant design, smart and automated systems, and the collaboration between humans and robots illustrate the basics of manufacturing.

Recommended Prerequisites

Basic Reading Comprehension, Basic Computer Skills, Basic Internet Browsing Skills

What You’ll Learn

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Pre-Course Survey


Course Introduction

Module 1: Process Modeling

Module Introduction

Lesson 1: Manufacturing Supply Chain

Lesson 2: Cost

Lesson 3: Metrics

Lesson 4: Design for Manufacturing

Module Summary

Module Assessment

Module 2: Part Production

Module Introduction

Lesson 1: Materials

Lesson 2: Part Production: Transformation

Lesson 3: Part Production: Subtractive

Lesson 4: Part Production: Additive

Lesson 5: Finishing

Module Summary

Module Assessment

Module 3: Joining Techniques

Module Introduction

Lesson 1: Assembly Processes: Composite Joining

Lesson 2: Assembly Processes: Metal Joining

Lesson 3: Assembly Processes: Fastening

Module Summary

Module Assessment

Module 4: Smart Manufacturing Systems

Module Introduction

Lesson 1: Explore and Define

Lesson 2: Sensors

Lesson 3: Actuation

Lesson 4: Control

Lesson 5: Network Architecture

Lesson 6: Data Analytics

Lesson 7: Machine Learning

Module Summary

Module Assessment

Module 5: Manufacturing Automation Systems

Module Introduction

Lesson 1: Enterprise Automation 1

Lesson 2: Enterprise Automation 2

Lesson 3: Automation Systems

Lesson 4: Logistics

Lesson 5: Process Control

Lesson 6: Plant Layout Design

Lesson 7: People and Automation Systems

Lesson 8: Predictive Analytics

Module Summary

Module Assessment



Post-Course Evaluation