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Hand Tools and Measuring Devices

This course is designed to partially fulfill the curriculum requirements as set out in Appendix B Part 147 General Curriculum Subjects for Aviation Maintenance Technician Schools established by the Federal Aviation Administration Regulations.

This course will help you to understand the various tools and measuring devices used daily by AMTs during routine and special maintenance tasks. You will learn about the tool, how it should be used, and what situations or tasks for which each tool was designed. Furthermore, you will gain a basic understanding of the care and maintenance of each tool. Finally, you will understand the different measurement and marking tools for performing fabrication, maintenance, and installation procedures accurately and without causing collateral damage.

Recommended Prerequisites

Basic Reading Comprehension, Basic Computer Skills, Basic Internet Browsing Skills

What You’ll Learn

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Course Pre-Test

Course Introduction

Module 1: General Purpose Hand Tools

Module Introduction

Lesson 1: Hammers and Screwdrivers

Lesson 2: Pliers, Punches, and Wrenches

Module Summary

Module Assessment

Module 2: Metal Cutting Tools

Module Introduction

Lesson 1: Metal Cutting Hand Tools

Lesson 2: Metal Shaping Tools

Lesson 3: Drills

Lesson 4: Hole and Bolt Preparation Tools

Module Summary

Module Assessment

Module 3: Layout and Measuring Tools

Module Introduction

Lesson 1: Measuring and Marking Tools

Module 3: Summary

Module 3: Assessment

End-of-Course Test and Survey

Course Assessment

Course Survey