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Manufacturing Safety

About the course

The Safety in Manufacturing course focuses on safety concepts important to maintaining good health in the workplace and preserving the environment to ensure the health of those outside of the workplace. The first two modules deal with common safety hazards, employer/employee responsibilities for creating and maintaining a safe work environment, and safety organizations and regulations. Modules three and four zero in on effective procedures for communicating safety in the manufacturing environment, the importance of good housekeeping practices, safety certifications and training, and the facility codes, standards and inspections designed to ensure the safety of inhabitants. In modules five through seven, environmental preservation and safety procedures are addressed and best practices are discussed regarding material handling, electrical safety, and the use of machinery, hand tools and other manufacturing equipment. The final three modules focus on the proper use and storage of hazardous chemicals, ergonomics in the workplace, and employee training associated with each topic.

This course offers students the opportunity to learn about the aforementioned topics through video lectures, an eBook, and learning activities and assessments that provide instant feedback. Students can also interact with 3D simulations of real-world manufacturing environments and apply their new knowledge of safety standards and procedures to these virtual reality learning environment.

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