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Quality in Manufacturing

About the course

This course introduces students to the quality concepts that build the foundation of quality management in the manufacturing industry. This course discusses the importance of quality in industry, both economically and environmentally, and the responsibilities of production technicians with respect to quality inspections and control.

The first two modules provide an introduction to quality management systems, and quality control through data collection and analysis. The next three modules discuss the importance of quality inspections of the manufacturing systems and describe how to organize continuous improvement processes. The next few modules provide an introduction to quality philosophies and quality improvement methods such as Lean Manufacturing, Root Cause Analysis, and Six Sigma. The last two modules in the Quality in Manufacturing Course present information on blueprint reading, including geometric dimensioning and tolerances, and how blueprint reading is important to product quality assurance. Overall, this course provides an opportunity for students to learn about quality topics and how they are applied in the manufacturing industry, and provides them with the knowledge needed to obtain positions in the field of advanced manufacturing.

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