Module Name

Concepts of Safety and Health

Module 1 in the Manufacturing Safety course.

Module Goals, Objectives and Completion Time

The goal of this module is to provide students with basic concepts required to maintain a safe and healthy work environment.


  • Justify the importance of safety within the manufacturing field and discuss the regulating office and standards for maintaining an adequate level of safety
  • Differentiate between safety and health hazards and explain the responsibilities of both management and employees in the reduction of hazard issues
  • Explain the role of the safety manager and describe the tools necessary for the implementation and evaluation of a company’s safety plan
  • Utilize the six guiding principles to develop a plan for good measurement practices
  • Identify ways to become involved in safety efforts within a company
  • Compare and contrast the positive and negative consequences of the adherence to safety standards by both employer and employee

Approximate Completion Time: 36 Minutes