Module Name

Safety at Facilities

Module 4 in the Manufacturing Safety course.

Module Goals, Objectives and Completion Time

The goal of this module is to introduce students to the concepts associated with providing workers with safe and healthy working conditions. Buildings and facilities constitute a major section of the workplace environment. Having well designed structures with proper layout, adequate illumination, and good storage facilities for equipment improve the safety of the overall environment.


  • Identify the main causes of workplace calamities and describe the regulations and standards that should be implemented to prevent workplace calamities
  • Explain the procedures involved in a well prepared evacuation plan and apply these procedures to a real-world scenario
  • Summarize the OSHA requirements for emergency response and justify the need for such requirements in the workplace
  • Define the four fire classifications and develop fire prevention and fire extinguishing plans that are appropriate for each classification
  • Explain the importance of each OSHA sanitation regulation and differentiate between the types of workplace inspections

Approximate Completion Time: 1 Hour 6 Minutes