Module Name

Communicating Safety in the Manufacturing Environment

Module 3 in the Manufacturing Safety course.

Module Goals, Objectives and Completion Time

The goal of this module is to present information regarding hazard-related communication and procedures, in an effort to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to minimize the risk of accidents in the manufacturing environment.


  • Explain the procedures associated with OSHA’s Process Safety Management standard and Hazard Communication Standard (HCS)
  • Describe the procedures involved in housekeeping and accident reporting within the manufacturing industry, and provide examples of how each procedure helps to prevent and/or manage accidents in the workplace
  • Differentiate between the common hazard signs and defend the need for hazard communication training
  • Analyze a completed Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and demonstrate an understanding of the SDS by locating product details from each section of the form
  • Justify the need for safety standards, procedures, training, and data in the manufacturing industry
  • Justify the importance of reporting accidents and incidents and the Right to Know Act

Approximate Completion Time: 1 Hour 12 Minutes