Module Name

Material Handling & Electrical Safety

Module 6 in the Manufacturing Safety course.

Module Goals, Objectives and Completion Time

The goal of this module is to provide students with knowledge and skills related to the hazards and safety practices involved with material handling, equipment storage, and electricity.


  • Define Material Handling Equipment and compare and contrast the types of Material Handling Equipment
  • Outline the hazards associated with the various types of Material Handling Equipment and discuss safety practices that should be implemented when using and storing this equipment
  • Describe the classifications of Hazardous Materials and identify the chemical and physical hazards associated with these materials
  • Discuss the safety measures for preventing accidents associated with hazardous materials and defend the need for each safety measure
  • Analyze the causes of and physical effects associated with electrical shock and apply the appropriate NEC Hazard Prevention Guideline(s) to each cause and effect

Approximate Completion Time: 51 Minutes